Gordon-Parent Effectiveness TrainingGORDON

“Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged.” 
Colossians 3v21

Parent Training according to Dr. Thomas Gordon is the most successful family training programme worldwide. In over 40 years this method has already been able to help over 1.5 million parents all over the world, to improve their communication and conflict solving abilities.

Silhouette coupleParent Training, also known by the name ‘Parent Effectiveness Training’ (PET), was first used in 1962 by the much acclaimed and three times Nobel Prize nominated American psychologist, Dr. Thomas Gordon. His then published book ‘The family Conference’ became a world known bestseller. The basic ideas of: successful communication at eye-level and trust and attention, are determining factors of a happy family life.

Parent Effectiveness Training is in name solely training for:

  • Prevention for parents of very young children who do not yet present problems.
  • For parents of grown up children who want, with the skills of the training, to change undesired behaviour, and overcome problems in school and at home.
  • For single, step and foster parents, parents from different cultures and from differing religious backgrounds.
  • As further education/training for people who professionally care and counsel children e.g. teachers in kindergarten, day nursery, child minders, care workers in medical facilities.

No parent is put in the cradle being a perfect legal guardian. Consequently, conflict arises with rebellious children where there ultimately is a loser and a punishment.

Family Training shows you how you can bring up your children so that you can look at them with pride and gratitude.

  • You develop a trusting relationship with your children
  • You become a competent discussion partner to whom your children come to for advice.
  • You create a family atmosphere in which everyone’s needs are respected.
  • You contribute to your children developing as trusting members of the community.
  • You have more joy in your family and your children and bring up happier and more contented children.
  • You will be in the capability of creating a family climate which, to a considerable extent, avoids the danger of your child becoming alcohol/drug dependent, dropping out of school, becoming shy or withdrawn, rebelling, running away from home or putting themselves into risky situations (e.g. sects or gangs etc.)

Within a short period of time you will develop, as a parent, new understanding of your children and will give yourself confidence. You will avoid problems and effectively parent without punishment. Your family life will profit from Gordon’s Parent Training from the first session onwards and will bring more fun, peace and love to you and your children’s family life.

Carried out in groups; duration: 18 hours.