Offer of help for spiritual care, counselling and therapy

“If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles.”
Jesus in Matthew 5v41

Shepherd with lamb in backpackEveryone knows of difficult situations in which one deals with the difficulty alone. Frequently a suitable discussion partner is lacking or the necessary supporting company. You don’t need to cope with these crises alone. I will stand by you and will help you to orientate yourself so that new perspectives can open up to you.

My offer is intended for people seeking advice of all ages: young people, adults, couples and families.

You receive from me

  • Support dealing with questions of faith, meaning/life crises or burdening circumstances. For instance, support with excessive demands, stress, burnout, experiences of loss, grief, bullying/cyber-bullying or low self-esteem.

  • Help for your spiritual with relationship conflicts in family, marriage or partnership, community, school, training, studies or career.

  • Counselling for questions of upbringing, sexuality or reorientation (e.g. finding career.)

  • Companionship and supporting therapy for suffering of the spiritual and psychosis. For example, depression, anxiety/anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, eating disorders and suchlike.

I offer you different therapies and treatment forms in which we find the best way for you, regardless of your life situation or your previous history. In my practice I regard you as a worthy creation loved by God and treat you with respect and high regard.

Spiritual care and therapy: a helpful and meaningful combination which has the aim of strengthening your life and your beliefs. In therapeutic work we stand for your wellbeing and put worth on personal and individual processes and profound work. Every person has received their own abilities and limitations from God. Together we will unfold your gifts and personality as best as possible, whether it be in private life your or in your career. You will go step by step with me into a new life, in which you can follow your heart, overcome difficulties, become creative and encounter God.

Together we go along your journey of change. Whether depression, sleep/eating or anxiety disorder, with me you receive professional and trustworthy help with complete discretion. Step by step as far as you want to go. From the first mile to the last.