Individual Psychology according to Alfred Adler 

“A person is not evil by nature. Even when a person may be guilty of serious misconduct, seduced by his mistaken view of life, he does not need to be oppressed; he can change himself. He is free to be happy and to please others.” Alfred Adler

Believing in the goodness of a person and “seeing him with the eyes of another, hearing him with the ears of another and feeling him with the heart of another,” was an essential value for the Austrian doctor and psychotherapist, Alfred Adler (1870-1937).
The inventor of Depth Psychology and former student of Sigmund Freud founded a new theroy of psychology in 1911: Individual Psychology, the influences of which are traced back to Social Medicine, Psychoanalysis and the study of Neurosis. With it, Adler distanced himself from the teaching of Freud. Instead of questioning the reasons for human actions, Adler first questioned the aim and purpose of these actions.

People as holistic beings- socially orientated and homogeonous

The key distinguishing charactaristics of other psychological theories, especially Freud’s, are as follows:

  • Goal Orientation (every person orientates themselves around goals which have existed since childhood),
  • Holistic (the person is considered as a unit of body, mind and soul, as well as a part of a social community),
  • Homogeneity (every person plays an equal role in the commuity).

According to the concept of Depth Psychology, a person is not an instrinsic and isolated being, but an active, creative component of a social community, whose actions, feelings and thoughts are always a result of experiences and early encounters with other people. 

Individual Psychological consultation and therapy

Individual Psychological therapy is applicable to nearly all psychological disorders in patients of every age group. Through several sessions with the psychotherapist, a subconcious way of coping is established and the contexts of the pathological way of thinking come to light.
In addition to the form of the pyschotherapy, Individual Psychology, because of its holistic and strength orientated approach, is also used as life counselling for mental illness or stressful life situations.