A very warm welcome to Newlife:Practice for spiritual care, counselling and therapy!

Castle HohenzollernTogether we examine your life situation in order to comprehensively understand your current problem. At your request, within the spiritual care, we can also incorporate aspects of your belief in and relationship to God into the specific problem. This can lead to a reorientation of your life- yes, it can lead to a new life!

Newlife - Practice for spiritual care, counselling and therapy in the centre of Hechingen

“Every person is worth more than all of the gold on the earth.”
Cardinal Jospeph Cardijn

I am completely convinced that humans are unique and outstanding creations of God. For that reason I have given myself the task of getting you to experience this uniqueness, not as burden but as an opportunity and as great wealth. I would like to help your whole person become healed, to mature and for your uniqueness to unfold.

With skilled techniques in spiritual care, counselling and therapy, you will receive a broad spectrum of offers of help from me. For example:

  • If you need advice for your current situation;
  • If you want to develop further as a person;
  • If you want to find a new meaning for your life;
  • If you want to clarify questions of belief;
  • If you grieve over people and/or the past;
  • If you feel exhausted and low;
  • If you want to find the right balance again;
  • If you are preparing for marriage;
  • If your relationship is unstable;
  • If you are in the middle of a divorce or separation;
  • If you are challenged by your children;
  • If you are finding your parents difficult;
  • If you would like to discover your calling again;
  • If you want to reflect on your work;
  • If you seek valuable mentoring or coaching;
  • If you want to develop a new perspective and want much more.

You will find detailed descriptions of my offers of help under spiritual Care, Trainings and Community on the homepage. Likewise, you can read the references about my achievements and form a picture yourself. If you can’t find something, you will be well informed about my constantly growing offers of help under Current and Newsletter.

I look forward to getting to know you!

Yours sincerely,
Jürgen Deines
Jürgen Deines

Theologian, spiritual worker, coach, Psychotherapeutic non-medical practitioner,
Licensed Prepare/Enrich, Qualified TJTA, Authorized Gordon Trainer